Accelagen’s Time at Bio in San Diego: The Many Ongoing Conversations About the Australian Advantage

The Accelagen team has just returned home earlier this month from another wonderful time attending the Bio International Conference  – this time in sunny San Diego, California. We had the chance to meet with so many friends and colleagues, and we even took the opportunity to host a Happy Hour event with an American partner company, where we met a number of new contacts, and saw many of our own American and European friends as well. While Bio2024 is always a wonderful opportunity to meet with global customers, prospective clients, and solidify vendor partnerships from around the world, the majority of the conversations held this year revolved primarily around one topic:  the “Australian Advantage”.

What is the Australian Advantage?

The world has seen a shift in attention to Australia over the last few years, stemming from a strong  local industry that emphasized our expertise, and coupling this with the Australian government’s commitment to growth within our industry. This shift in attention has been led by what is commonly referred to as “the Australian Advantage”.

When it comes to channeling products onto the market in the best and most efficient way possible, Accelagen distinguishes itself from our competitors in other countries by taking advantage of three key pillars exemplifying  the Australian Advantage: Speed, Quality, and Cost Efficiency.

Putting the Advantage of “Speed” to Work for Your Project

One of the complaints we heard most often during our conversations at BIO2024 was that of delays, slow start times, and ultimately the lack of progression in commencing clinical programs. . When considering the time and effort required for a study to be ready for the first patient, every day counts. Organizations spoke with us about the opportunity to conduct their trials in Australia, hoping there would be a benefit in the form of shortening the time it would take to begin – and complete – their studies. They were generally very happy to hear what we had to say regarding this pain point.

Accelagen maximizes speed in the assessments and opportunities that any program can provide by leaning on the decades of insight and experience in both regulatory affairs and clinical development –all under one roof. We work directly with our customers to learn exactly what needs to be done first, and sometimes what might NOT need to be done first (or at all, in some cases).

For example – customers are sometimes surprised to learn that in Australia, an Investigational New Drug (IND) is not required to be in place before running a study. This expedition in the process can sometimes save our customers three to six months of document development time. By taking advantage of both Accelagen’s experience and Australia’s unique characteristics that an often save time, you will find that Speed is a huge part of the “Australian Advantage”!

How to Benefit from the Highest Quality Available from Down Under

The evaluation of data by the regulatory team at Accelagen uncovers new and distinctive ways of screening information, maximizing the pathway for our customers in moving forward. The approval process for the majority of clinical trials that occur is managed through an investigational research board, locally referred to as Human Research Ethics Committees that approve based on a core set of documents. In Australia, the number of documents needed are substantially less than what many other countries require. With developed data readily accessible by health authorities all over the world, clients can benefit from these Australian advantages without repeating such work in multiple countries.

The Role Cost Plays in the Determination of Your Success

Accelagen understands that raising capital can be difficult. It is important to maximize any funds available and to take advantage of cost-saving measures available. Compared to the United States or European countries, Australia’s conduct of research is simply more cost effective. Australia offers a tax incentive wherein the Australian government will reimburse up to forty cents on the dollar for research and development spending completed during any fiscal year. All extra costs can then be reinvested into further development and activities, reducing overall capital requirements and potentially simplifying the capital raise process.

These are important components to consider as early as possible in the pre planning the actual research and development activities.

The Australian Advantage is Clear – and Available from Accelagen

Overall, the Australian Advantage surpasses most well-established countries in the components of speed, quality, and cost efficiency. By combining the Australian Advantage with the clinical and regulatory research and development available under one roof, Accelagen can quickly relay progressing data with ease and haste.

Combining Accelagen’s speed and quality control proves that the Australian Advantage is a more cost efficient than its competitors in other countries. It has always been the goal of Accelagen to reassure our clients that their research and development plan is taken “down under” with the utmost care, and combining our expertise with the opportunities in Australia helps ensure your ideas become reality sooner.

Reach out today to begin experiencing the Australian Advantage with Accelagen.

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