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We approached Accelagen as we needed additional resources to complete our project. As a result of their assistance and advice, we were able to complete the necessary tasks required to achieve a successful marketing approval.
Jeremy Paull
Working with Accelagen was instrumental in helping us create a clear pathway to marketing approval. I can't thank the team enough for steering us through the process and helping us all the way to a successful outcome!
Robert Klupacs
Bionics Institute
At the time we engaged with Accelagen, we were unsure how to maximise the outcomes from our development program. Fortunately their team were able to support & guide us in setting a path to achieve our Company goals
Glenn Gilbert
Rhythm Biosciences

Here's what you will learn in the upcoming session



Understand your companies development pipeline of all products to see the timelines and viability of them.


Dive deep into both short and long term challenges to understand the barriers holding the projects back.


Get clarity around your goals and outcomes to see the priorities within the organisation for roll out of the initiatives.


Identify key activities & gaps which are potentially causing delays to the progress of your project moving forward.


Provide you a framework to help bridge the gap from where you are now, to successful implementation of the venture.
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Who we are

Accelagen was originally founded in 2010 as Plunkett Consulting Group with the mission to help organisations with amazing products launch successfully into Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries, by providing the best possible strategies to get approved by the relevant industry bodies.

Over the past 10 years, Accelagen has worked with hundreds of clients locally and internationally helping them get their products to market. These clients have included: Starpharma, Rhythm Biosciences, Bionics Institute, Telix International Pty Ltd and many more.

The team are passionate about helping companies do things the right way from the get go, giving their creations the best chance to succeed in a highly regulated environment.

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