Clinical Development

Study Start Up

March 3, 2017
Achieving site activation in the shortest timeframe possible is a key goal for Sponsor companies. We recognize this objective and have established a highly experienced team who can support the startup process, overseeing all the elements required to reach this major milestone. Our team works with study management and site personnel to prepare all necessary

Local Study Sponsor

March 2, 2017
In accordance with Australian regulations, clinical studies must have an Australian based local Sponsor. Accelagen has been assigned as the local Sponsor for many studies where clients do not have a local presence. In being the local Sponsor, we are responsible for executing all contracts and indemnities with sites and local vendors, notifying the Australia’s

Site Identification and Feasibility Assessment

March 1, 2017
The choice of sites can be a major factor in the success for failure of a study. Having the right sites involved in your study will be one of the greatest assets you have in generating the highest quality data. Selecting the sites is often and underrated process, however choosing the right site is one

Study Management and Conduct

February 3, 2017
Fundamental to the success in the conduct of clinical studies is a strong project team.  And this is what the staff at Accelagen provide.  From the Project Manager to the Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), our team is a collection of highly experience members whose primary ambition is to facilitate the conduct of a successful study

Site Management

January 3, 2017
Our highly experienced and motivated team of CRAs provide all site management services which ensure that your clinical trial operates within the requirements of ICH GCP, and is run efficiently and meets all critical timelines during the study conduct These services include: Site staff training GCP and protocol compliance Patient recruitment strategies Essential document review,