Plunkett Consulting launches Tournistrip® disposable single-use tourniquet in Australia

March 5, 2014

Plunkett Consulting is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement for the supply of the disposable tourniquet, Tournistrip®, as manufactured by ASep Healthcare. The Tournistrip® represents a simple and eloquent innovation for a medical tourniquet.

The Tournistrip® has supplied extensively in the United Kingdom and its use continues to grow as health professionals implement new techniques to minimise potential cross contamination between patients with reusable equipment. The Tournistrip® offers an easy, cost-effective method to assist with the venapuncture process. Its simple application, adjustment and removal will benefit staff within hospitals, medical centres, pathology clinics and emergency services.

Tournistrip® is available in adult and paediatric sizes. Each box contain 200 strips.

Please contact us should you want further information on the Tournistrip®.