The Australian Advantage

The Australian Advantage is the combination of size, diversity, and world-class infrastructure. Subsequently leading to exceptional clinical trial outcomes.

Headquartered in the fastest growing clinical trials market in the world, Accelagen is located in Australia’s second biggest city — Melbourne, Victoria. Working flexibly and collaboratively with additional team members based around Australia and partners in growing markets overseas, we are proud to lead a rapidly scaling sector in the Asia Pacific region.

As a company headquartered in Australia, Accelagen is both locally positioned and globally adept. We work with big pharma and small biotech companies to accelerate the future of human health and wellness around the world.

With over a decade of delivered success, our experience is widely varied across the health, wellness and disease spectrum. Moreover, we offer end-to-end services across Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trials, Biometrics, Medical, Safety & Pharmacovigilance. Additionally, we also offer Strategic Consultation services to support you through all stages of your product’s life cycle.

Why choose Australia?

There are many advantages that come with clinical trials in Australia. Accelagen is located strategically to take capitalise on the Australian advantage and deliver meaningful outcomes for clients and patients alike.

With a population of around 25 million citizens, Australia has the size, diversity and strategic location to offer high quality clinical trial management. Furthermore, the country is host to world-leading research facilities and smooth pathways to market.

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Commercial benefits

Early phase clinical trials in Australia are significantly more cost effective than in the US. Additionally, the Australian Government's generous R&D tax incentives mean even greater commercial benefits.
Access & Proximity

Accelerated timelines

Australia has a streamlined regulatory and ethics review process, leading to faster completion of your clinical trial. No IND is required for Phase I trials. Moreover, Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) scheme is the global benchmark for reducing the regulatory burden on clinical trial sponsors.
World-class Infrastructure

World-class Infrastructure

With a leading health care system and well regulated data management practices, Australia has a world-leading Medical Research Infrastructure. Especially in early clinical trial development.
Ethnically Diverse


Australia has the highest proportion of people born overseas when compared with any other nation with a population greater than 10 million. Undeniable, our diversity is a strength for clinical trial success.
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Globally recognised

Australia is ranked in the Top 5 for biotech innovation and data outputs. Studies conducted in Australia are accepted by international regulatory authorities, including the FDA and EMA.
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Data exclusivity

Australia’s intellectual property system is one of the most secure in the world. In addition to patent protection, Australia also provides five years of data exclusivity to new pharmaceutical products.

Accelagen offers full CRO services for clinical trials in Australia and beyond