About Us


Accelagen was founded in 2007, with a single key objective – providing a high quality and professional service to all our clients. Since this time, we have continued to evolve and grow, however this objective has remained the same. We treat each client as a partner, where we see ourselves as one components to our partners success.

Accelagen is based in the leafy suburb of Surrey Hills, situated a short trip east from Melbourne’s CBD. Our office is always welcoming a visit from our new or prospective clients. However, technology today allows us to work from virtually anywhere. We can be a productive member of international project teams without having to pay the expense of travel or relocation of staff. We have adopted a cloud based document system that allows the secure sharing of documents with our partners through a centralised location, ensuring everyone is working from the same resource.

As time goes by, the need for additional resources goes up and down. Accelagen have been providing staff to work with clients, either on a full time or part time basis, or simply as an extra resource during the times where more hands are needed. This flexibility is seen by our clients as a real benefit Accelagen has to offer.


In all that we do, our core values Dedication, Integrity, Creativity remain important. We pride ourselves on tackling every task with a solution-focused approach, thoroughly evaluating the situation and developing a unique strategy to overcome challenges.

The complexity of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device environment is continually increasing. We try to remain at the leading edge and beyond so that our activities will meet not only today’s requirements, but tomorrows also.

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